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The procurement and training of horses and mules for military use was the function of the Quartermaster Corps from 1775 to 1957.  During and after World War II the Quartermaster Corps was responsible for the training of War Dogs.




Short History of Quartermaster Remount Service

Horses and Mules and National Defense
1958, Office of the Quartermaster General
By Mrs. Anna M. Waller
(Large File-May load slowly!)

The Use of Horses and Mules in Modern Warfare
The Quartermaster Review November-December 1928

The Remount Service Past and Present
The Quartermaster Review
November-December 1928 

The Front Royal Remount Depot
The Quartermaster Review September-October 1930

Remount in Italy
Quartermaster procurement of horses and mules in World War II

1952 article on use of pack animals and dogs

Last Cavalry Horse Is Historic Symbol
1966 story about Chief the last living cavalry horse

The Mules of Mars
Article on the use of mules by the Mars Task Force in Burma in 1944-45.

War Dogs

War Dogs Page
A resource for information on the U.S Army's use of dogs 1942-Present

Quartermaster War Dog Program
Short history of Quartermaster dog training during and after WW II

Dogs and National Defense
Study on the history of War Dog training and utilization during and after World War II

QM War Dog Platoon is a Combat Unit

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