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Message from the President:  

     We have had some very good things happen in recent months.  First and biggest is that the Museum has received funding to build a large new addition.  In 2008 our former Museum Director, Mr. O’Gorman, proposed an addition to the Museum that would provide space for large classes and other activities such as graduations.  We saw this as an enhancement to our outreach education program and it filled a community need for a large auditorium /classroom.   Previously this capability was provided by the Lewi Auditorium in the former Mifflin Hall.  The location would be convenient to CASCOM Headquarters. 

     After several tries at obtaining Army funding the project was finally approved in 2011.  The Quartermaster General, BG Bingham and her Deputy, Mr. Larry Toler were instrumental in getting final approval.  As a help in obtaining funding, the Foundation agreed to pay for the utilities hook-up.  The new addition will have a large open area three times larger than the Littlejohn Auditorium.  This area can be configured as an auditorium, conference space, or a classroom.  In addition, there is a small kitchen, storage space and an office area.

     We are currently working to determine the best audio visual set up and what equipment and furnishing will be required.  Completion date is set for October 2012. 


Colonel, USA (Retired)



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