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Jonestown, Guyana Gander, Newfoundland World War II Korea
Vietnam Somalia Bosnia Lady Be Good

Short Mortuary Affairs History

With All Due Honors: A History of the Quartermaster Graves Registration Mission

Our Honored Dead
Essay on Quartermaster care of the dead from the Civil War to Korea

U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory - Hawaii
Short History

A Short History of Identification Tags
traces development of the "Dog Tag" from the Civil War to 1988

Mortuary Affairs Historical Photos
(on the Quartermaster Museum Website)

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier/Arlington National Cemetery

Our Soldier Unknown
(Unknown Soldier of WWI)

Tomb of the Unknown Solder-Part 1

(Construction of Tomb and Selection of WWI Unknown)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers-Part 2

(World War II & Korean War Unknown Soldiers)

Nature Honors The Unknown Soldier
1932 article detailing the construction of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Restoration of Arlington House
1934 article on Arlington House located in Arlington National Cemetery

National Cemetery System

Early Growth of the National Cemetery System

Evolution of the National Cemetery System 1865-1880

Expansion of the National Cemetery System, 1880-1900

National Cemeteries and Memorials in Global Conflict
development from Spanish-American War to WWII, establishment of overseas cemeteries

Jonestown , Guyana - 1978
16th Field Service Company Helps Identify Bodies
Identification of victims of the 18 Nov 1978 Jonestown, Guyana mass suicide/murder

Gander, Newfoundland - 1985
Tragedy at Gander
Crash in Canada of plane carrying U.S. soldiers returning from
the Sinai

Mortuary Affairs in World War I and Interwar Years

The War Mother Goes "Over There"
Gold Star Mother visits to son's graves after WW I

Our Soldier Dead
1930 Essay on Graves Registration thru WW I

Erection of Permanent Headstones in the American Military Cemeteries in Europe - 1930   

Mortuary Affairs in World War II

The Lady Be Good Story
Recovery in 1959 of B-24 Bomber crew lost in Libyan Desert in 1943

Effects Depot
Operations of Depot Q-290 in France 

Graves Registration
search and recovery operations after World War II

Tragic History
Graves Registration recovery operations in the Pacific in World War II

Crosses at Normandy, June 1944

Mortuary Affairs Operations At Malmedy-
Lessons Learned From a Historic Tragedy

With All Due Honors...

Tell Me About My Boy...
1946 Pamphlet Produced by the Quartermaster Corps for Next of Kin of Deceased Service Personnel from World War II

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World War II

Mortuary Affairs in Korea

Graves Registration in the Korean Conflict
1953 article

Operation Glory
1954  article on Korean War exchange of dead between combatants

Homeward Bound
Graves Registration and recovery in the Korean War

Search and Recovery
short 1954 article on search and recovery operations in the Korean War

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Mortuary Affairs in Vietnam

Memorial Affairs Activities in Vietnam

Mortuary Affairs in Somalia

Mortuary Affairs Support in Somalia 
Operations of a Detachment of the 54th QM Co 

Mortuary Affairs in Bosnia

Operation Joint Endeavor - An NCO Perspective

Joint Mortuary Support in Operation Joint Endeavor

Mortuary Affairs Today

Fallen Comrades: Mortuary Affairs in the US Army
Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Winter 1998

Worldwide CILHI Mission To Bring Home Missing Heroes
The Army Central Identification Lab's efforts to recover and identify MIAs

Mortuary Affairs on the Internet:
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Joint Mortuary Affairs Center, Fort Lee, VA

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command

Department of Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office

American Battle Monuments Commission
operates and maintains permanent American military cemeteries in foreign countries

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery (Commercial Site)

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