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Sea power can get us to enemy territory, air power can carry war into the heart, of enemy territory—it can weaken his powers to resist—but the man in the mud, the fellow with the bayonet in his hands, will deliver the final blow. His courage, his stamina, his devotion together with that of his brothers on sea and in the air are the ingredients of victory. But only good logistics will make it possible for them to gain that victory.

Lieutenant General Brehon Somervell, Chief of Army Service Forces, May 1944

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(many more articles can be found in the QM Functional Area pages)

American Revolution
Nathanael Greene and the Supply of the Continental Army

Mexican War
The Quartermaster's Department in the Mexican War

Civil War
The Quartermaster's Department, 1861-1864

Lincoln & His Quartermaster General

Supplying Hell: The Campaign for Atlanta

The Little Steamboat that opened the "Cracker Line" 
The Story of the USS Chattanooga, a "home-made" steamboat built by the Quartermaster Department in October 1863 to carry supplies to General Grant's starving army at Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

City Point: The Tool That Gave General Grant Victory

World War I
Quartermaster Supply in the AEF, 1917-1918
Quartermaster Activities in France during World War I

Quartermaster Activities in World War I

World War II



Desert Storm
14th Quartermaster Detachment
Unit suffered the greatest number of casualties of any allied unit during Operation Desert Storm due to a SCUD Missile attack on February 25, 1991

Quartermaster Black History Resource Page

The Enchanted Forest
QM Support of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Looted Art Treasures Go Back to France
  Experiences of a QM officer detailed to pack and return art looted by the Nazis in WWII

Jeffersonville Quartermaster Intermediate Depot; History and Functions
By Lieut. Colonel C. S. HAMILTON, Q. M. C.
The Quartermaster Review - July-August 1927   

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