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Subsistence and Army Cooks
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World War II Kitchen

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Vietnam Era Chow Line

Subsistence and Cooks Historical Photos

General History

WWI Field Kitchen
World War I Field Messing

The Army Food Service Program: Then and Now
This 1992 article give a short history of Army Food Service

Fresh Food for the Army, 1775-1950
Procurement of fresh food from the American Revolution to the end of World War II

Army Rations - Historical Background
Overview of development and fielding of operational rations with emphasis on World War II
C, D, K rations; 5 in 1 ration; 10 in 1 rations.

The History of Rations
Notes from a 1949 Conference on Rations that provide a short history of rations

Feeding our Soldiers
 Quartermaster Review May-June 1928
Overview of Army Rations from the Revolutionary War to 1928

Operational Rations Current and Future March 1963 
description of 18 types of standard rations used or projected

Civil War

Feeding Billy Yank: Union Rations between 1861 and 1865
This 1992 articles provides information on Civil War Union Army Rations

World War II

Rations in Review
Colonel James C. Longino's address to the Army War College

The Army’s Food Program
Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War

Food Service Program
Lt. Col. Ward B. Cleaves, Q.M.C.

The Food Situation in the European Theatre of Operations
Supplying food to American forces in Europe during WWII. 

Subsistence Research Laboratory
History of the QM Subsistence Research Laboratory
The Quartermaster Review - March-April 1944

Korean War

Food Service United Nations Korea
1953 article on efforts to provide fresh food to UN soldiers in Korea

Desert Storm

The Army Family of Rations
Short overview of rations used during Operation Desert Shield/Storm 1990-91

Other Subsistence Articles

Subsistence in Space
Ration Development for U.S. Space Flights

The Quartermaster Market Center System
short background article on the QM Market Center System

The New Quartermaster Research & Development Command
founding of Natick Labs for development of new/improved food, clothing and equipment

New and Improved: T-Ration and MRE Development
Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - December 1988

Food Program Research and Development

Quartermaster Professional Bulletin -  Summer 1992

Subsistence on the Internet:

Joint Culinary Center of Excellence

Quartermaster School and Center, Fort Lee, Virginia
Your source for current information on Army Subsistence

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