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US Army Flag designed by Quartermaster Corps in 1956

From 1924 to 1962 the U.S Army Quartermaster Corps was responsible for the research, design and development of distinctive unit insignia, shoulder sleeve insignia (patches), flags, medals, seals, coats of arms and other heraldic items for the Army.  In 1960, the Quartermaster Corp's Institute of Heraldry became the only organization within the U.S. Government devoted to the science and art of heraldry and other official symbolism. The Army Adjutant Generalís office assumed responsibility of the Institute in 1962 when the office of the Quartermaster General ceased to exist due to Army reorganization. The Institute of Heraldry maintains a website where you can learn more about its current mission.

Among the Institute's numerous designs over the years are the Presidential, Army and US Flags; the Air Force Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart Medal.   

History of Army Heraldry

The Quartermaster Heraldic Section &
The U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry

History of Army Heraldry

Heraldry, Flag and Insignia Work of the Office of The Quartermaster General

1928 article on Army Heraldry

Heraldic Branch O.Q.M.G.
1954 article on the operations of Quartermaster Heraldic Branch

The beginnings of heraldry in the Civil War--
Symbols Rally the Spirit

Short history of the evolution of distinctive unit emblems

U.S. Army Symbols

Department of the Army Seal

Department of the Army Emblem
Background, description and illustrations

United States Army Flag
Adoption of the Army flag in 1956

U.S. Army Medals

Medal of Honor
Description of Army, Navy and Air Force Medals of Honor with color illustrations

U.S. Army Insignia

Airborne & Special Operations Insignia

Parachute Badge

Noncommissioned Officer Rank Chevrons -1907
color plates depicting dress and field rank chevrons authorized by regulations of 1907

Officer Rank and Branch Insignia -1907
color plates depicting dress and field rank and branch insignia authorized by regulations 1907

Civil War Enlisted Uniforms
43 hand colored photographs from the collection of the Quartermaster Museum


A New Star for the Flag
The design of the 49 and 50 star flags by the US Army Quartermaster Corps.

Flag Making Tradition at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot
Short history of flag production at the Philadelphia QM Depot

The Institute of Heraldry Website

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