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General History

Civil War World War I & Interwar 
World War II Post WWII Korean War



General History

Evolution of the Uniform
1928 Quartermaster Review Article

Changes in the Uniform of the Army 1774-1895
Classic study of Army Uniform changes from the Revolution to the 1890s

Civil War

Civil War Enlisted Uniforms
43 hand colored photographs from the collection of the Quartermaster Museum

World War I and Interwar Years

The Manufacturing Branch of the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot
The Quartermaster Review
September-October 1929 

Uniformity for Uniforms
The Quartermaster Review
July-August 1931 

World War II

World War II Inductee Clothing Issue

Wet-Cold Clothing Team
Winter-weather indoctrination during WWII for units headed for the planned invasion of Japan

Shoes and the Army
Robert P. Patterson - Under Secretary of War - WWII

Tailor to Millions

Post World War II Development

Army Green Uniform
History of the Quartermaster Corps' development of the current Class A Uniform

The Army Dressed Up
Testing of a New Army Uniform after WWII

Prestige of the Soldier
Dissatisfaction with the Army Uniform after World War II

The New Quartermaster Research & Development Command
founding of Natick Labs for development of new/improved food, clothing and equipment

Korean War

Quartermasters in the Korean War -  50th Anniversary Commemoration

Lightweight Body Armor
Short history of the development of "Doron" fiberglas-plastic Body Armor 

Armored Vest Fact Sheet - December 1952
Development of Body Armor by the Quartermaster Corps during the Korean War

Winter Program Planning Korea
1954 article on providing winter clothing to soldiers in Korea

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