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Korean War Era Aerial Delivery Photos
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From the collection of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia

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Fort Campbell, KY, PFC Bob Whitt of San Antonio, Texas., Parachute Maintenance Company, 11th Airborne Division, demonstrates the process of stowing suspension lines of a T-7 main chute used by all jumpers of the Division.  4 April 1952, U.S. Army Photo

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YOKAHAMA, JAPAN, CPL Eugene B. Hunt of New York City, NY, makes accordion folds of G-1 cargo parachute canopy at the 11th Airborne Parachute Maintenance Company, 1 February 1951, U.S. Army Photo


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Exercise "Long Horn", Joint Army-Air Force Maneuver, Sgt. Gene Buswell, Fort Bragg, NC, ties the riggers-seals on a reserve chute.  Sgt. Andrew Skalas "makes-up" the harness of a chute for storing, and Sgt. Wilfred Sweeney, Cambridge, Mass., initials Form #46, the chute log book.  The men are of the 82nd Airborne Division Quartermaster Parachute Maintenance Company, Fort Bragg, NC, and are here to prepare for and participate in the maneuver to be held at Fort Hood, March 1952, U.S. Army Photo

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Lieutenant Colonel Harold L. Dorsett of the 408th Airborne Quartermaster Company, congratulates WO (jg) John L. Bogue, platoon leader of the new Heavy Drop Section, 11th Airborne Division, on the successful drop of a 105-mm howitzer at the Cooley Drop Zone, Fort Campbell, KY, Mr. Bogue is from S. Pasadena, Calif.,
3 April 1952, U.S. Army Photo

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Paratroopers unpacking airdropped bundles of bazookas and automatic weapons, which came down with the troopers.  This group of men make up a light weapons platoon in the 505th Airborne Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division that jumped at  DZ Mackall, Camp Mackall, NC, as practice for Exercise Southern Pine, Photographer PVT Walter Homan, 301st Signal Photo Company, 30 July 1950, U.S. Army Photograph

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