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Short History of Quartermaster Aerial Delivery 

History of the Parachute Rigger Badge

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A listing of books, magazine and newspaper articles on Parachute Rigging

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World War II

Aerial Delivery of Supplies
Overview of Aerial Delivery in WWII

Air Supply on the Salween River Front
Airdrop operations in the first sustained Chinese offensive against the Japanese in WWII. 

Introducing the AMSAC
Improvised Aerial Delivery Container used in Burma

Flying Quartermaster-Bundles for Burma Boys

Bundles From The Sky

Korean War Era

549thjapan.jpg (22881 bytes)

549th Quartermaster Company
Japan 1956

They Wrote the Book
Aerial Delivery techniques pioneered by the 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company in the Korean War
Flying Quartermasters
Overview of 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company operations in Korea
Quartermaster Support of Airborne Operations
Extracts of a 1950 committee report on assigning the Quartermaster
Corps the Aerial Delivery mission
Delivery By Air
Quartermaster Aerial Supply in Korea, Supporting U.N. Ground Troops
"Some Succeeded and Some Failed"
Airborne Quartermaster Field Operations

Short history of Airborne operations and QM assumption of Aerial Delivery mission
Performance of Packet Planes
President of Fairchild Corp. extols the virtues of the C-82, C-119 and C-124
Parachute Maintenance Company - 1950
Major Cross tells of the first Quartermaster Parachute Maintenance Company, 11th Airborne Division
Quartermasters Hit the Silk
407th Airborne Quartermaster Company demonstration jump at Fort Lee in May 1950

Bosnia (Humanitarian Airdrop) & New Technology

Emerging Technology in Airdrop Operations

Operation Provide Promise: The Airdrop Phase

Operation Provide Promise-Resupplying the Bosnians

History of the Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department
(Rigger School at Fort Lee, Virginia)

Airborne Department
Brochure from 1970

History of Quartermaster Parachute Rigger School -Fort Lee, Virginia









Rigger School History 1947-1953 (5.2 MB .pdf format)


Hooah Logistics

Wholesale Resupply By Sky

5,000 Club

The 5th QM Detachment, Providing Rigger Support to USAREUR

Airdrop Support to the Army

Airdrop Equipment Developments

Tyerus Adams, Pioneer Paratrooper & Rigger Dies
Tyerus Adams, member of the original Parachute Test Platoon in 1940, died in August Georgia on 26 February 1999.  After the World War II he was assigned in a variety of positions as a Parachute Rigger.

CW4 John Ward
Quartermaster Hall of Fame Biography for this pioneer parachute rigger.

Rigger Photographs 
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World War II
Korean War Era  Page 1   Page 2
Vietnam War Era
Rigger Photos (QM Museum website)
1990s - Present
OOPS! Malfunctions

Rigger "Stuff"

Rigger Print
 For you that are interested there is a humorous, low cost, color Rigger print entitled, "Riggers, Good to the Last Drop" done by LTC (Ret.) Keith K. Fukumitsu.  It is sold by the Association of Quartermasters, for price and availability go their website at Association of Quartermasters.

Retroactive Award of the Parachute Rigger Badge
The Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, has approved retroactive award of the Parachute Rigger Badge to individuals who performed duties as a Parachute Rigger prior to establishment of the Parachute Rigger School at Fort Lee in May 1951

Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate Building at Fort Bragg, NC
dedicated in memory of  CW4 John A. Ward

Click here for more information on the 16 Aug 99 ceremony & speech

Riggers on the Internet

Rigger Association
Red Hat Chapter, Association of Quartermasters

Aerial Delivery & Field Services Department
(U.S. Army Rigger School)

Airborne & Special Operations Museum
(Fayetteville, NC)

Vietnam Airdrop History
Background on airdrop units in Vietnam

British Air Dispatch Association
(British Riggers)

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