US Army Quartermaster Foundation
Fort Lee, Virginia

Board of Advisors
Army Quartermaster Foundation, Inc.

The Army Quartermaster Foundation Board of Advisors, chaired by Major General  Hawthorne Proctor meets twice a year.  The purpose of the Board of Advisors is to provide counsel, advice and assistance to the officers and the board of directors of the Army Quartermaster Foundation, which in turn has as its founding purpose the preservation of the heritage of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps over its entire history.  The Board of Advisors assists the Army Quartermaster Foundation in accurately, effectively and efficiently preserving the Quartermaster Corp's proud heritage.  The Board of Advisors is a vital asset to the Army Quartermaster Foundation.   Their contributions and support are needed and most appreciated.

Army Quartermaster Foundation, Inc.
Board of Advisors

MG (Ret) Hawthorne Proctor - Chairman
GEN (Ret) Richard H. Thompson - Chairman Emeritus
LTG (Ret) Arthur Gregg COL (Ret) William Flanagan
MG (Ret) Cece Adolphi COL (Ret) Charles M Wiker
MG (Ret) Robert C. Gaskill LTC (Ret) Don Vtipil
MG (Ret) Charles R Henry  CW5 (Ret) Rufus Montgomery
MG (Ret) John Long CSM (Ret) Milton Hazzard
MG (Ret) Daniel Mongeon CSM (Ret) Jose Silva
MG (Ret) Eugene L. Stillions, Jr. Mr. George H. Allen
BG (Ret) Billy Stalcup Mr. Chester A. Kowalczyk

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