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Lieutenant Colonel
James S. Fagan

Quartermaster Hall of Fame

LTC James F. Fagan graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree from Northeastern University, Boston. He completed the Quartermaster Basic course in 1968 and was a distinguished graduate from the Quartermaster Officer Advanced Course. He would go on to graduate with honors from the Command and General Staff College in 1980. 

His military assignments include; Commissary Officer, Support Activity, 8th Airborne Division while attached to the 8th S&T Battalion; Chief Subsistence Operations Officer attached to Military Assistance Command - Vietnam (MACV) J-4 and Plans Officer Headquarters United States Army – Vietnam; Instructor and Division Chief, United States Army Quartermaster Center and School; Special Assistant to XVIII Corps Commander and Commander of the 249th Supply Company; Chief Operations, USA Troop Support Agency – Europe; Chief Combat Developments Division, US Army Quartermaster Center and School; Director Food Management Assistance Team (FMAT) and Concepts and Studies, Headquarters Troop Support Agency; Chief Office Military Cooperation for Army, Air Force and Navy Operations, Army Operations Somalia; Special Studies Division, Headquarters Logistics Center; Commander, Far East Commissary District; Chief, Subsistence Division, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia; Chief of Staff and Chief for Support, US Army Quartermaster Center and School. 

LTC Fagan’s civilian assignments include service as a Academic Fellow and Instructor with Northeastern University; New York Sales Manager for The Proctor and Gamble Company; Professorships at the University of Maryland, University of North Carolina , Fayetteville State University and the University of Michigan .  LTC Fagan, is currently the Executive Director, Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging.  

LTC Fagan has completed three distinguished studies in logistics that was commissioned by the Department of Defense where he was personally awarded by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.  He has successfully managed two career programs for the Department of the Army and revised and wrote all subsistence regulations for the Department of the Army.  

LTC Fagan is both a Distinguished Member of the Quartermaster Regiment and a Distinguished Regiment Member of the British Army.  

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