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Chief Warrant Officer Five
William C. Mullins

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Chief Warrant Officer Five William C. Mullins began his military career as an enlisted soldier in 1955 and rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class (P) before being commissioned a warrant officer in 1969.

He served his first tour as a Chief Warrant Officer One (CW1) in Vietnam with an Air Defense Artillery Battery, then with the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Europe, where his unit won best supply operation in V Corps for two years. As a CW2, Chief Mullins oversaw logistical support for 25,000 Vietnam refugees while supporting 20,000 Reserve Component personnel for annual training.

During his first decade as a warrant officer, Chief Mullins saved millions of supply dollars and became recognized as one of the foremost logistics warrant officers in the Army. Later as Team Chief for the Department of the Army Warrant Officer Recruiting Team, CW4 Mullins led a successful campaign to fill the critical shortage of technical warrant officers that had plagued the Army for years. As a Senior Warrant Officer, Mr. Mullins directed the much-acclaimed Total Warrant Officer Study; helped integrate officer and warrant officer programs for all schools associated with logistics; and performed many military occupational specialties studies, improving coding and classification and much more. In recognition of his accomplishments, Chief Mullins was recalled to active duty after his 30-year retirement.

CW5 Mullins' brilliant career saw 41 years of service, spanning five decades. A Distinguished Member of the Quartermaster Regiment and Order of Saint Martin awardee, he has often been described by superior officers as "simply the best." In a most recent contribution, Chief Mullins directed the Total Warrant Officer Study and developed a highly acclaimed 30-year Management Plan for Army warrant officers.

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