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Brigadier General Billy J. Stalcup
Quartermaster Hall of Fame

Brigadier General Stalcup was born in Butler, Tennessee, on 3 February 1935, and earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University. Commissioned a second lieutenant in 1958, he served over 30 years as an active duty officer, until his retirement in September 1989.

Over the course of his distinguished career Brigadier General Stalcup served as an Armored Troop Commander at Fort Knox, KY; Forward Service Support Control Officer with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam (1966-67); Chief of Warehousing Division, Directorate of Storage and Transportation, Defense Depot, Mechanicsburg, PA; Chief of US Army Supply Activity in Thailand (1972-73); Quartermaster Readiness Coordinator at Fort Meade, MD (1973-76); Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics, 21st Support Command, USAEUR (1980-83); Commander, US Army Materiel Support Center, 19th Support Command, Korea (1983-85); Deputy Chief of Staff for Supply, Maintenance and Transportation, AMC (1985-87); and Commanding General/Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Materiel Readiness and Modernization, 200th US Army Materiel Management Center, USAEUR (1987-89).

Brigadier General Stalcup has demonstrated time and again expert leadership and in-depth technical capability in virtually all Quartermaster mission areas: petroleum, aerial delivery, supply policy and operations, maintenance procedures, and theater wholesale logistics. He is widely credited with having bolstered Army combat readiness - by promoting a "new way of doing logistics business." In so doing he also greatly enhanced the reputation of the Quartermaster Corps.

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